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Public PGP Keys

Before using downloaded PGPExternal Link keys, please verify them in order to assure that they are not forged (e.g. "Man in the Middle Attack")!

For verification, please check the key id, the key length, and the fingerprint. (Some early PGPExternal Link versions had design flaws that made it possible to duplicate a fingerprint by creating another key of different length from the original, therefore comparing the fingerprint only may not be sufficient...)

For utmost security, however, you should not trust this website either, but use a more secure communication channel to get the fingerprints!

Okay then, here are my public PGPExternal Link keys:

Type Id Length Fingerprint Download
RSA 0xD4530DD0 4096 4D16 28BB CDB2 0C0D 065F 5D54 04D3 F86B D453 0DD0 [txt]Download Link

Responsible for the content of this site: Dietmar Kreye (My public PGP keys)
Last modified: Jan 04, 2011

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